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Kevin Clark

Jacoba Epstein

Maury Smith


Kevin is the world's best bass player and knows every song ever written.  He plays with local blues rockers, Beat Road, and formed the backbone of The Last Gaspe and Care of the Cow.  Until you've heard his closing solo on St. James Infirmary, I'm not sure it can be accurately stated that you've truly lived. Kevin's soulful vocals make us all tear up at one point or another in the show, and when he kicks it into high gear on Amanda Palmer's In My Mind, or the delightful 60's throwback, Spooky, look out!


L Jacoba Epstein was born and raised in Madison, WI. As a young child, she remembers her older brother's flute music, and wanting to play along with him. As a kindergartener, she was given the chance to learn violin with a local fiddler, and then with Suzuki Strings of Madison. She explored other instruments in her teenage years - guitar, trumpet, viola, voice - and grew an affinity for songs of a certain gravity. Wanderlust hit hard in her twenties, and music gave her a vehicle to explore Mexico and Spain, France and Switzerland. She is delighted to be back in Madison after years of not being in Madison, and to be afforded the privilege of playing with the fabulous Trio Soleil. 


Maury's been playing stringed things, writing songs and singing them right out loud since the end of the Neolithic period.  He's played with Al Rose and the Transcendos since their inception, as well as the Clark Anderson Trio and the Litte Lebowski Under Achivers with Jesse Patrick back in the day.  He currently gigs with Clay Yapp as The CedarTones and Kevin Clark in Hedgerow Dinkum. Maury's solo work can be found at He's overjoyed to be part of an ensemble with the range, enthusiasm, tenderness and gusto of Trio Soleil!

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